Meet Yad Ezra’s newest staff member, Carly Sugar! Carly is our giving Gardens Manager and will be in charge of the Fisher Foundation Giving Gardens project, featuring the Geri (z”l) Lester Greenhouse. Construction is expected to start in November on the project. We wanted you to get to know Carly more, so we asked her some questions:

Name: Carly Sugar
Age: 26Carly at Hillel
Title: Giving Gardens Manager
School: The School of Life at Planet Earth University…
Current Location: Detroit, MI
Email: [email protected]

Prior work experience:

  • Youth Director at Temple Emanu-El
  • Repair the World 1st Year Fellow
  • Kitchen Coordinator at Freedom House
  • Volunteer and work experience at many-a-garden.

What are you most excited about with this new position?

This is an incredible opportunity to explore with volunteers the intersection of growing food, social issues, and Jewish values and teachings.  This position combines many of my passions, and I can’t wait to learn and work with those who share them!

What do you hope to accomplish?

Through the Fisher Foundation Giving Gardens Project, featuring the Geri (z’’l) Lester Greenhouse, we will offer our clients high quality, organic produce grown right here on site.

The Giving Gardens Project will offer an exciting volunteer opportunity to those looking to learn more about gardening, food justice, and our local and national food systems, all within a framework of Jewish values.  Volunteers will leave with a better understanding of the connections between ending hunger and localizing our food source.

What is the most unique/interesting thing you’ve noticed since coming?

It’s an experience in itself walking through the food storage warehouse here at Yad Ezra.  By looking at what’s been donated and purchased for our shelves, you get glimpses into the workings of our national food system.  If you’ve been here before, you may have had similar curiosities as I:  What farms do Forgotten Harvest’s donations come from?  Why do they have such excess?  Does most of Gleaners’ food come from the USDA?  How does one eat buckwheat?

What will your main responsibilities be?

My main responsibilities will be managing the Giving Gardens and the Geri (z’’l) Lester Greenhouse- executing the production of its food, engaging interested volunteers, and organizing meaningful programming.

One or two unique facts about yourself:

  1. I’m a twin.
  2. I have eight chickens, most of which are named after characters from “Orange is the New Black.”

carly 2

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  1. Jan says:

    Welcome Carly and thank you! Congratulations to Yad Ezra and our community.

    Fresh food is so important to all people and I know how hard you all work.

    Can’t wait to visit the new greenhouse in June and to meet Carly.


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