General Donations

General donations to Yad Ezra are used for operating expenses. Most of the funds Yad Ezra receives are used to purchase food!

Tributes and Memorials

Yad Ezra provides donors with the opportunity to honor or memorialize friends and loved ones through sending tributes.

Tribute Cards

Yad Ezra offers donors the opportunity to purchase tribute cards to send out as they see fit. We offer holiday packs of tribute cards at Rosh Hashanah and Purim, as well as year round tribute card packs.

Holiday Appeals

Yad Ezra’s leadership wants to ensure that everyone is able to feel a part of our community and celebrate the Jewish holidays. Donations to our holiday appeals help pay for the Jewish holiday treats that we distribute year-round (Tu B’Shvat, Purim, Passover, Shavuous, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah).

Saulson Thanksgiving Endowment Fund

In 2019 Michele and Eli Saulson established a Thanksgiving Endowment Fund to provide turkeys to Yad Ezra client families. This special fund helps ensure that Yad Ezra client families are always able to celebrate this iconic holiday.

Fresh Market Appeal

Yad Ezra and Gleaners Food Bank are embarking on a new program to provide more produce and dairy items more often to more client families on a weekly basis. Gleaners will provide Yad Ezra additional produce and fresh milk at no charge. Yad Ezra will purchase additional fresh food to supplement these weekly distributions as needed. Clients will be able to come during this additional weekly servicing session, along with their normal visit to Yad Ezra when they will still make their grocery choices from the approximately 50 items typically distributed by Yad Ezra.

Poland Appeal

Help the Chief Rabbi of Poland establish a kosher food pantry in Warsaw. Read more about the Helping Hand in Warsaw HERE.

Giving Gardens

Our educational garden and greenhouse distributes its harvest to clients of our food pantry.  Giving Gardens does all fundraising independently from the rest of Yad Ezra, so your support is vital!  Learn more about our Giving Gardens today.  Click here to donate to Giving Gardens.

Endowment & Legacy/Planned Giving

Yad Ezra’s leadership feel morally obligated to ensure that no one suffer from hunger. A gift to our endowment provides funds into perpetuity that can be used to assist vulnerable families in our community.

Legacy/Planned Giving increases the opportunities for donors to make a major gift to Yad Ezra through current or deferred revenue.

Find out more about our endowment and legacy/planned giving opportunities.