Yad Ezra obtains food to distribute to clients numerous ways. Through relationships with Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest, we can get food either free or at reduced costs. We also get donated items through our supporters and various food drives. However, because of the amounts and varieties of foods we offer, we purchase 60% of the food we distribute.  Yad Ezra’s warehouse manager has relationships with wholesale and retail vendors throughout SE Michigan whom he works with to get the best prices possible. Yad Ezra relies on holiday appeals and fundraisers to provide the revenue to pay for the more than 1,100,000 pounds of free groceries we distribute over the course of a year.

Every fall, Yad Ezra hosts an annual fundraiser, which pays tribute to a person or couple in the community whose efforts on behalf of our organization are recognized. The event, combined with a Program Journal, accounts for a major portion of Yad Ezra’s operating budget and is used to purchase nutritious groceries.