Food Stamp Shopping Challenge

Each employee at Yad Ezra was given the challenge to shop as if they were on food stamps. That means each group of two was given a total of $64 for an entire weeks worth of food. These next few blog posts will be each persons first hand experience with the project. First up is Pat Kelly, our accountant.

Not being Jewish, this was an especially eye-opening project for me.  As I would throw out suggestions to David of things to buy, he would tell me that we couldn’t find that kosher.  I learned meat and cheese were items we would probably never find (at least at Meijer’s, or at a reasonable price).  That is what makes it so important that Yad Ezra provides meat staples such as chicken, ground turkey, salmon, etc.  David and I also discussed how much more difficult this would be if you were shopping for children as well.  They don’t understand why they can’t get the newest cereal or snacks that they see other children eating at school.  All in all, I really learned a lot, not just about how vital Yad Ezra’s services are, but about Jewish food requirements as well.