Yad Ezra Food Stamp Shopping Challenge Worksheet

Try your own shopping challenge here.  Fill out the worksheet and let us know how it goes. Feel free to take this project to the next step by actually going to the grocery store and see what it’s like. Instructions: Your task is to feed yourself for one week using the $34 allocated through SNAP. […]

SNAP/Meijer Shopping Experience

There were a lot of things I’d have liked to have purchased –particularly produce, spices & condiments — but I couldn’t justify the cost of those things and decided to do without. We also had difficulty finding proteins that would fit into the budget and that we could agree upon. We bought lots of tuna, […]

David’s Post

Pat and I worked on the assignment of grocery shopping for two with a budget of $64 for a week.  I found this project both challenging and rewarding at the same time. As we walked up and down the aisles at Meijer, we found ourselves discussing meal preparation and how difficult it must be to […]

Food Stamp Shopping Challenge

Each employee at Yad Ezra was given the challenge to shop as if they were on food stamps. That means each group of two was given a total of $64 for an entire weeks worth of food. These next few blog posts will be each persons first hand experience with the project. First up is […]

Volunteer to Volunteer

I have always liked to consider myself a good person. I have never broken the rules, I have pretty decent manners, and I have volunteered in the past. Looking back, I always enjoyed the times I have devoted to volunteer work, however I realize my motives were a little less than selfless. After my Bar […]

About Yad Ezra

Yad Ezra opened its doors in 1990 with the purpose of providing kosher food to needy Jewish families in Southeastern Michigan. The founders of Yad Ezra learned that there were impoverished Jews living in the community who relied heavily on government assistance programs including food stamps. Yad Ezra was founded to alleviate some of our […]